Food kiosk is a relatively new concept that involves the customer entering an unmanned store by registering their bank card and then scanning and paying for their goods. But this woman did not pay for herself but took 30 portions of food in a bag and trudged from there.

When the owners grabbed her, she said it was common knowledge that it was easy to steal from the grocery store. The owners held the woman until the police came and arrested her.

- The concept is based on trust and we must stop this type of theft if we are to be able to run the food kiosk further, says Ida Wahlgren, employee.

Important income

The owners run a catering company in Gnosjö where two food kiosks account for about a third of sales. But during the corona pandemic, catering has declined sharply and food kiosks have been necessary to survive.

In a Facebook post, the owners appeal to the public to let them know if they see someone who is not paying for themselves.

- We will now unfortunately have to spend a large part of our time guarding our kiosks, which is sad considering that we love to cook, says Ida Wahlgren.

It is becoming more common with unmanned stores. But opinions about its future are divided. See clip below:

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Johan Magnusson, associate professor of digital innovation, believes that we will have the food delivered by self-driving cars and drones in the future. Photo: SVT / TT