Another record was broken during this heat period. On Wednesday, the mercury in De Bilt rose to 30 degrees Celsius for the seventh day in a row, which has never happened before since the measurements started in 1901, the KNMI and Weerplaza report.

The old national record dates from 1941 and 1975. In both years there was a series of six tropical days in De Bilt.

The regional record was also set in 1975 and is held by Maastricht. In that year, the temperature in the Limburg capital even rose to 30 degrees or higher for fifteen days in a row.

According to Weerplaza, that record will not be broken in the coming days, because Friday will probably end the series of tropical days.

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It keeps raining weather records

It has rained heat records in recent days. For example, on Tuesday it was hotter than 35 degrees in certain places in the Netherlands for five days in a row. This had never happened in our country since 1901. In addition, last Saturday and Sunday were the hottest 8 and 9 August ever measured in the Netherlands respectively.

Thursday also promises to be a hot day with temperatures above 30 degrees. However, it does thunder in many places. From Friday it will be cooler.