A catfish (illustration). - HOUPLINE RENARD / SIPA

An exceptional catch. A young man caught a catfish weighing 90 kg and 2.43 m long on August 1 in the Seine. Geoffrey Rulleau, 29, was on the river with two friends when he caught the impressive fish.

Having left in the early morning, the three fishermen were on board a small boat 3.5 m long. After a poor morning in catches, Geoffrey felt a fish pull twice on his line, while the boat was between Choisy-le-Roi and Alfortville (Val-de-Marne), reports  Le Parisien .

A catfish of 2.40 meters and 90 kilos was caught in the Seine
➡ “I took twenty minutes to get it out of the water. It's a very physical fight ”> https://t.co/GvQrDl5iHJ pic.twitter.com/LzGZwhpnwk

- The Parisian (@le_Parisien) August 12, 2020

"It's a very physical fight"

“After a few seconds the very heavy animal moved with, in its mouth, the hook to which I had hooked a dead fish”, tells the young man to the Paris daily. “The reel unwound all the line, without us being able to stop it. "

Catfish of 2m40 (approx 100kg) out of the Seine in Paris last night pic.twitter.com/r2aHETUh5g

- Kabyle VS Wild ⵣ 🏕🏔🐗 (@bylka_xyzkl_) August 9, 2020

The young people settled at the water's edge, and took nearly twenty minutes to get the huge catfish out of the water. “It's a very physical fight,” says Geoffrey. After measuring the animal, the young people put it back in the water, happy with this incredible catch. In 2019, a 2.34 m catfish had already been fished in the town of Créteil, recalls  Le Parisien .


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