He claimed that he often goes to Copenhagen. On the night of the current murder on June 25, he was in Malmö, woke up late after a party night, and then went to Christiania around 8 pm. The double murder had taken place two hours earlier in Herlev outside Copenhagen.

Prosecutor Kim Petersen presents the technical evidence against him. His DNA is on a black shirt with a yellow Christiania print on his chest. It was found in Audin, which through a filming is linked to the double murder of the two young men who, according to the police, were among the rivals in Shottaz.

The car was ignited, but the fire was extinguished. The shirt was partially burnt and had the leader's DNA on the sleeves and neck, as well as gunpowder residue on the sleeves.

- It does not have to mean that I have shot someone, said the 22-year-old who was previously a suspect but acquitted of several murders.

His DNA was also found on a pair of gloves found inside and outside the car.

The 22-year-old remarked that other people's DNA had also been found on the gloves.

- I did not wear gloves and shot someone. I'm 110 percent sure of that.

He claims that he usually wears these, both when he stays for longer periods in Malmö where he claims to have relatives, and in Spain, where he says that he is human resources manager at a coffee shop, a coffee bar in Barcelona.

AK47 in the boot

According to sources within the police and the criminal environment, this is where the Death Patrol has stayed for long periods to get away from the conflict in Stockholm and to turn over criminal money.

On two Stadium bags, which were in the getaway car's trunk with the military weapon AK47a, were his handprints together with several of the co-suspects, all denying the crime and claiming that they had only been to Denmark to party and meet friends.

At the end of the hearing, the prosecutor also revealed what was completely new information for the 22-year-old. His DNA has been found on the inside of the getaway car's right front door. It is 742,000 times more likely that it is his DNA than any Danish citizen's.

- It is impossible! Why are you saying that now? he replied in surprise.

Prosecutor: Is it still true that you were not in the car?

- No, I have not been in the car, he continued to hold on.

He was asked if he knew the murder victims. He knew who they were, according to the 22-year-old.

Denies thread connection

In fact, his family knows the victim very well - and the 22-year-old and his now murdered rival were friends before the conflict began five years ago. They slept with each other.

He denies that he is part of any gang, and that there is a gang called the Death Patrol. It is the invention of the media and the police, he believes.

From time to time he became upset over the prosecutor's questions.

- This is witch hunting!

Risks life imprisonment

The accused risk twice as severe punishment if the Danish court rules that the crimes are gang-related. Life imprisonment is on the penalty scale.

The trial continues on Friday. The third person who was in the car with the two victims, and managed to escape, was supposed to have testified in court. But he can not attend then. It is still unclear how his testimony will be kept and when.

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