- You would like to remove the very transparency towards the pasture and up towards the stable grounds, says riding school director Lotta Jonsson, when she shows the pasture where the riding school horse Bella was found injured in June.

The apple orchard as the pasture is not used since it happened. But it would be needed when the pressure on the other baits becomes hard. A plank or something that screens the bait facing the Hageby district would increase security, she explains.

- There is a lot that moves and happens here, says Lotta Jonsson.

In June at 3 pm, in the middle of a riding camp, a bang was heard and one of the riding school horses in the pasture was injured.

- A stable girl told that they had seen a horse with blood on its stomach. Someone had shot Bella and the bullet had gone so far into her abdomen that she had to be killed, says Lotta Jonsson.

"I did not think it was true"

The loss of Bella is great and in the clubhouse a wall has been decorated with drawings, poems and photos of the horse Bella was 19 years old and had been at the riding school for many years.

A memorial site has been created in the clubhouse Photo: Lovisa Gelin / SVT

- At first I did not think it was true. I was shocked. Bella has always been here so that she was gone, it felt very strange, says Nathalie Nilsson who is a caretaker, stable host and student at Hageby riding club.

The riding school has previously been affected by several arson.

- Sometimes you are very sad and affected and sometimes you are angry. Sometimes you get frustrated because you do not think it happens that much, says Lotta Jonsson.

The riding school director Lotta Jonsson says that the emotions fluctuate; "You get sad, touched angry and frustrated" Photo: Lovisa Gelin / SVT

Representatives from the municipality will this week discuss safety with the riding club.