As someone pouring oil on the fire, a prominent Italian explosives expert claimed that the Beirut port explosion was caused by rockets and not ammonium nitrate, as most Lebanese security and military reports state.

The British "Daily Mail" newspaper (DAILY MAIL) quoted Danilo Cubi, 56, as telling the Italian newspaper Corriere, that the explosion that occurred last Tuesday was not caused by ammonium nitrate, "because the color of the cloud was orange," according to what the pictures showed. And video clips.

Kobe, who is considered one of the country's leading explosives experts and is dubbed "dynamite," said the ammonium nitrate explosion was leaving a yellow cloud.

Kobe added, "You can clearly see the orange cloud that tends to be a bright red ... which indicates the presence of the lithium element, which can be reflected in the propellant fuel for the military missiles," and concluded, "I think there were weapons."

Kobe explained that he believed there was a larger first blast, which may have caused a fire where the ammunition was stored.

He continued that the fire then extended to "where there are some highly explosive materials found in the rockets or missiles themselves."

According to the latest toll, the explosion - a fifth of the size of Hiroshima in terms of magnitude - left more than 170 casualties and nearly 40 missing. About 1500 wounded are undergoing careful treatment, knowing that 120 wounded are still in intensive care.

It is noteworthy that the resigned Prime Minister Hassan Diab stated that 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate had been stored for six years in the warehouse, which is believed to be the reason behind the explosion of the Beirut port, while a special committee continues to investigate the incident.