The Lebanese Central News Agency (unofficial) quoted "informed political sources" that it is likely that the new government will be headed by Nawaf Salam, a diplomat and a judge at the International Court of Justice in The Hague, with joint American, French and Saudi support. Peace to head the new government. "

The new government will include ministers - according to the "Lebanese Central News Agency" - independent specialists who have experience in dealing with economic and financial crises, because "Lebanon is in dire need of this type of minister."

The sources pointed out that "the party and political headquarters have transformed since yesterday into a cell of contacts and meetings in order to determine their position on developments."

Al-Markaziyah continued - quoting from its sources - that “the name of Judge Nawaf Salam is echoing strongly in the halls of the parliamentary blocs and political parties,” and stressed “the need for civil society and the revolutionaries to play a major role in bringing peace to the government palace. The stronger the popular pressure towards Calling Salam This caused embarrassment to the parliamentary blocs by calling it. "

As for the positions of the political forces allied to the era (the Presidency of the Republic), the sources clarified that "after August 4 is not the same as before it, and the mentality that was managing political life in Lebanon, especially regarding the formation of governments, must change. There is blood in Roads and missing under the rubble. Is it permissible to continue with the policy of paupers, wasting time, and imposing counter-conditions and conditions, as was the case in the past during the formation of governments? Of course not.

She pointed out that "the traditional names that are always put forward when the government is due to be formed are no longer spent popularly and internationally. The angry revolutionaries will not accept the return of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, whom they consider part of the current political class, nor does the international community wish to repeat past experiences in forming governments, as president and members," Because the situation in Lebanon can no longer tolerate the continuation of the same approach that existed 30 years ago.

The sources stressed that "an independent government headed by Nawaf Salam will restore popular and international confidence in the country and open the door to the promised aid that has been blocked by the lack of confidence in the current political class."