“The initiative was supported by all Security Council partners. Now we are working on the aspects of the upcoming event. There is no specific date yet. Of course, the 75th anniversary of the UN is an important milestone for us, especially since the creation of the World Organization became possible as a result of the Great Victory, the anniversary of which we also celebrate this year, ”the minister said in an interview with“ Arguments and Facts ”.

Lavrov stressed that Russia is aimed precisely at the result of the event, and does not seek "to have time to hold the meeting as quickly as possible."

The summit, the head of the Foreign Ministry added, will allow the leaders to launch a "serious and direct conversation" on the principles of interaction in international affairs.

He will also help to agree on common "rules of conduct" in order to maintain global peace and prevent a large-scale military conflict, the minister said.

In April, Sergei Lavrov said that the five countries are working on a specific day for holding the summit in the format of a video conference.

Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed to organize a meeting of the leaders of the countries - permanent members of the UN Security Council. All states supported the initiative.

According to him, the summit of the leaders of the "nuclear five" of the UN Security Council will contribute to the search for answers to modern challenges and threats.