China News Agency, Washington, August 10 (Reporter Sha Hanting) A gas explosion occurred in a residential area in Baltimore, Maryland, eastern United States on the 10th local time, causing at least one death and seven injuries.

  The local fire department posted on social media that the explosion occurred in a residential area northwest of Baltimore City. It has been confirmed that one adult female was killed in the explosion, and another seven were seriously injured and have been sent to the hospital for treatment. The search and rescue work is still ongoing.

  According to pictures released by local media, the explosion caused at least three houses to be completely destroyed, and many other houses were damaged. Broken bricks and wooden boards were scattered on the ground.

  At present, the specific cause of the accident is still under investigation. Local media believed that the cause of the accident was related to the long-term disrepair of gas pipelines in the area.

  Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland, with a population of approximately 600,000. The city is about 60 kilometers away from Washington, DC, the capital of the United States. (Finish)