It has been hotter than 35 degrees in certain places in the Netherlands for five days in a row. This has not happened before since the temperature measurements started in 1901, weather agency Weerplaza reports.

Weerplaza speaks of a "unique series of very hot days". In Arcen in Limburg, for example, a temperature of 35.6 degrees was measured on Tuesday around 2.40 pm. According to Weerplaza, this too had not occurred since 1901.

According to the weather bureau, such a series of five days with these temperatures in the last century was "unthinkable". "In the last century it has not been 35 degrees or more in our country for more than two days in a row," said Weerplaza.

In previous years, high temperatures were already measured in our country. Last summer, temperatures above 39 degrees were measured on three consecutive days.

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