There may be a need to change your clothing or interior design style from time to time, perhaps even according to the season. However, hair style can cause headaches for Finnish women - literally.

Many will remain faithful to the same hair style from year to year, although they could feel free to try other models.

Hand up, who, for example, prefers the same, easy hairstyles like a ponytail or a neckline in their daily lives?

- Finnish women should be bolder in trying new hairstyles. The change doesn't even have to be anything radical - sometimes just changing the distribution changes the look surprisingly much, says hairdresser Sirkku Lampiniemi from the Yazz Hair salon in Turku.

We asked the hairdresser what other things inspire Finnish women 's hair and how to care for it.

1. Avoid washing your hair

Sirkku Lampiniemi thinks it is special that many people seem to avoid washing their hair. However, few want their hair to look dirty.

- Many people think that washing their hair is bad for their hair. In reality, however, this is not the case. When washing, you should pay attention to the scalp - dirt and styling products clog the scalp and can, at worst, even cause hair loss. The hair should be washed often enough, and if the detergents are gentle, short washing intervals are not a disadvantage.

Do you cut the tops? A slightly more radical change could also bring a great, but sometimes revitalization.

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2. The same hair style is cooled for years

Life situations change, and it is only natural if the change is also reflected in another style, such as hair.

- Finnish women should remember that it is allowed to change their hair style at different stages of life. It’s easy to get stuck in the same old way and not dare to end up leaving your own familiar and safe comfort zone.

3. Asking for hair advice is delayed

The hairdresser is able to answer busy questions related to hair styling and hair styling and care, to which he did not come up with an answer at home in front of a mirror.

Feel free to ask the hairdresser for help and tips.

- For example, it is worth asking which model is best for your own hair and face and how your best aspects should be emphasized, Lampiniemi urges.

Asking for advice is not special, on the contrary, it is wise, because that way you can get a lot more out of your hair.

- The hairdresser can help if he wants a change in his hair, but he can't figure out what. The hairdresser can also advise on the use of hair products and equipment. No model or color will look good if you don’t invest in your hair at home.

The hairdresser can advise on choosing the right kind of products.

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4. Many want to grow their own color back - however, this is something to consider

Lampiniemi has noticed that there is currently a trend going on, where you want to grow your own color back and leave the hair coloring spiral. According to the hairdresser, the trend works in some cases, but one thing should still be considered when considering growing your color back.

- We Finns have fairly colorless hair and features by nature, so it is worth considering whether giving up dyeing completely is really the best option.

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A solution would also be available. According to Lampiniemi, there are many natural dyes and techniques on offer. You can leave your own color on the bottom, but you can brighten, tint or even deepen your hair with another color - without getting into the coloring spiral.

- Especially in winter, our slender hair would need some refreshment and color to frame a blonde face, says the hairdresser.

Visiting a hairdresser can and must be a pampering experience for yourself.

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5. The hairdresser is visited too infrequently

Many understand that a hairdresser can cut his hair much better than at home with kitchen scissors. If necessary, a professional hairdresser will also change the model and recommend hair care and styling products suitable for your hair quality.

Yet many visit the hairdresser only infrequently or for a special reason, such as when a party approaches.

Hairdresser Sirkku Lampiniemi hopes that Finnish women will allow themselves time to pamper themselves more often.

- Going to the hairdresser has a holistic effect, and it's not just about hair care. I would like Finnish women to allow themselves to be pampered more often, says Lampiniemi.