• Missing woman with her son, it is yellow. Husband's appeal: go home
  • The body found in Caronia belongs to the missing DJ Viviana Parisi
  • Dj dead for investigators, the child was with her, searches continue


11 August 2020 
"Whoever rescued Viviana Parisi after the accident did a meritorious work, it seems strange to me that they didn't show up. They have nothing to hide. Come and tell us what they saw". It is the heartfelt appeal launched by the Prosecutor of Patti (Messina), Angelo Vittorio Cavallo, who coordinates the investigation into the death of the 43-year-old deejay found dead and the disappearance of little Gioele, the 4-year-old son of whom they were lost the tracks from 3 August. "We have proof that some motorists stopped after the accident on the highway - says Cavallo - why don't they show up?". "I appeal to all the people who have witnessed a rather strange scene - says the magistrate who has been following the investigation for days - to come to any police post to tell what they have seen. They have really done a meritorious work and therefore they have absolutely nothing to hide. Tell us what they know. " "It seems somewhat strange to me that after so much media hype they did not show up - adds Cavallo - We renew the invitation, I and the police, to show up at any police station to say 'we were there and we saw', everything here". "We need all the people present to know what they saw - he concludes - every detail can be important".

The autopsy on the woman's body is expected in the afternoon. The prosecutor Angelo Cavallo, who coordinates the investigations of the mobile team of the Messina Police Headquarters, as part of the open investigation into the case has appointed as part-time experts Elvira Spagnolo and a forensic entomologist, not Sicilian, who is an expert on life cycles of insects which, developing on decaying human remains, can be used to understand the date and causes of death. The examination will be performed in the morgue of the Papardo hospital in Messina and will serve to clarify the causes of death and when it occurred. In the meantime, the search for little Gioele did not stop in the area where the woman's body was found. In the jokes are committed volunteers, civil defense, firefighters and police.