It was confirmed that the former Blue House Chief Min Jeong-won, who was criticized for having retired without showing up at the last meeting on the day of the announcement of the successor In-seon, left the Blue House on the 7th.

Summarizing the words of multiple Blue House officials today (11th), former chief Kim greeted President Moon Jae-in and left the Blue House after finishing his affairs until late on the afternoon of the 7th.

President Roh Young-min and all the senior secretaries under Roh and President Moon were resigned on the day they expressed their gratitude.

On the same day, former chief Kim left the group chat room where senior Blue House staff members participated.

The last phrase I posted was'Thank you all the time. It is said that it was Kim Jo-won's dream.

Former chief Kim did not appear at the meeting of the chief and advisors presided over by President Moon yesterday, as well as the presentation of the new chief political affairs, civil affairs, and civil society chief secretaries on the same day, resulting in an interpretation that he was indirectly opposed to the personnel measures. It.

Former chief political officer Kang Ki-jeong and former chief civil society chief Kim Geo-sung said goodbye by saying their regrets while in office, but former chief Kim Jo-won did not leave a separate message.

According to the guidelines of'dispose of the first house,' former chief Kim, the second homeowner, decided to sell an apartment in Jamsil, Seoul, but sold it for sale at a price of 200 million won higher than the market price, and then withdrew it. There is a bar.

(Photo = Yonhap News)