, August 11th. According to the US "World Journal" report, although Alameda County, California, USA has restarted outdoor dining, the sidewalk space of Oakland Chinatown is narrow and it is difficult to put dining tables and chairs. For this reason, the Auckland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce implements a summer walking street plan on the 9th Street section at the entrance of Chinatown Fuxing Center from 4 pm to 8 pm every Friday, allowing customers to bring takeaway food and sit down to eat to increase the popularity of Chinatown.

  The proprietor of 8th Street Xinxing Roasted Meat said that the government’s original intention to allow outdoor dining is very good, but it may not achieve practical results. On the one hand, Chinatown’s streets are small and tables and chairs will block the sidewalk. If you use roadside parking spaces to place tables and chairs , It will cause safety hazards, vehicle exhaust is everywhere, and the dining environment is not good.

  The Chinatown Chamber of Commerce started the summer walking street plan on the afternoon of August 7, local time, closing the 9th Street section between Franklin Street and Webster Street, and no vehicles were allowed. A total of 35 dining tables and some chairs were placed. During the peak afternoon on the 7th, there were 13 tables for guests.

  Customer Ethan Niedermeyer believes that clear signs should be set up in important locations and restaurants in Chinatown, and this plan should be advertised so that people who order takeout know that they can sit down and eat and increase their popularity, but the key is hope Chinatown will open more restaurants, customers will have more choices, and there will be more traffic, which can also enhance Chinatown’s confidence.

  Chen Xipeng, chairman of the Chinatown Chamber of Commerce, said that the Chamber of Commerce will listen to suggestions from the public and make adjustments to the pedestrian street plan. For example, on 9th Street near Broadway Road, there is a farmer’s market every Friday morning to afternoon. Chinatown hopes that after the market is closed, it will continue to be closed, and then tables and chairs will be allowed to eat outdoors, making full use of this crowd and expanding the pedestrian street brand effect. In addition, in the long term, it is also considered to set up tables and chairs in Fuxing Center, and continue to implement the pedestrian street plan in September. (Liu Xianjin)