Abe Cabinet “supports” 34% to the lowest level since the inauguration of the second government 19:03 on August 11

According to an NHK poll, 34% of respondents said they "support" the Abe Cabinet, down 2 points from last month's survey, while those who said "no support" went up 2 points. It was 47%. Although it is not possible to make a simple comparison due to the different survey methods, “I support” was the lowest level since the inauguration of the Second Abe Cabinet.

From the 8th of this month, NHK will conduct a public opinion survey for three days starting from this month by using a method called "RDD" to call a fixed phone number and a mobile phone number randomly generated by a computer for 18 years old and over. The survey was conducted on 2153 people, with 60% or 1286 people receiving responses.

According to this, ▽ those who replied "support Abe Cabinet" were 2 points down from the survey of last month to 34%, whereas those who replied "do not support" rose 2 points to 47 %was.

Although it is not possible to make a simple comparison due to the different survey methods, “I support” was the lowest level since the second Abe Cabinet was established in December 2012.

▽ As for the reasons for supporting the Cabinet, "Because it looks better than other cabinets" was 58%, and "Because it is the cabinet of a political party that supports it" was 16%.

On the other hand, ▽For the reason that we do not support, 37% are "due to lack of expectations in policy" and 28% are "due to lack of trust in personality".

▽ When asked how much they felt anxiety that they and their families were infected with the new coronavirus, 40% said "I feel a lot of anxiety", 47% said "I feel a little anxiety", and 9% said "I don't feel so much anxiety". %, "I don't feel any anxiety" was 2%.

▽ Regarding the government's response to the new coronavirus so far, "highly evaluated" was 4%, "somewhat evaluated" was 34%, "not very evaluated" was 42%, and "not evaluated at all" was 16%. did.

▽The number of people newly confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus exceeds 1,000 people in Japan. When asked whether the country should issue a declaration of emergency again, 57% said they should do it and 28% said they did not have to.

▽ When asked by the government what to do with "Go To Travel," which is a measure to stimulate tourism demand that started from excluding Tokyo from last month, when asked four options, "We should continue excluding Tokyo" 4%, “Continue nationwide including Tokyo” was 10%, “Extension areas should be expanded and continued” was 17%, and “Stop once” was 62%.

▽ When asked about traveling or going home this summer with three options, 8% said "I traveled or went home, or did", 75% said "I do not travel or go home", "I have not decided yet." "No" was 14%.

▽ The opposition party is calling for an early congressional congress as it should discuss measures such as the new coronavirus. When asked whether they think that the Diet should be opened promptly, 72% said it should "open promptly" and 17% said "it does not need to open promptly."