Dr. Mutlaq bin Majid Al-Qahtani, the Special Envoy of the Qatari Minister of Foreign Affairs for Combating Terrorism and Mediation in Settlement of Disputes, said that the agreed positions of the Gulf Cooperation Council are usually issued by the meeting of foreign ministers of member states, and not through the statements of the Secretary-General, which represent the opinion of the General Secretariat only.

Al-Qahtani added - in a comment on a statement by the Council's General Secretariat calling for an extension of an international arms embargo on Iran - "We in Qatar do not see that the current sanctions on Iran lead to positive results and do not contribute to resolving crises, and the resolution of crises must be through dialogue."

"Iran is a neighboring country with which we have good neighborly relations, and it has a position that we value in the State of Qatar, the government and the people, especially during the unjust blockade on Qatar," he said.

He added, "While the blockading countries chose unilateral measures, the State of Qatar chose dialogue, and this is our policy always. We look forward to good relations with everyone and everyone."

"The issue of regional security needs a comprehensive and real dialogue that includes all parties concerned with the security of the region. As for the continuation of the policy of obstinacy and denial, it will only lead to instability," he added.