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A 15kg goldfish was caught in Lake Toba in Indonesia, a UNESCO World Geopark.

Juliason and friends, a resident of North Sumatra Island, caught a giant goldfish weighing as much as 15kg here in Lake Toba.

At first glance, it is never seen as a goldfish, and the upper body size of an adult male is far superior.

They were happy and uploaded photos and videos on social media of taking out goldfish directly from the treadmill at the time.

However, most of the comments on this post were asking to free the goldfish again.

Local netizens said, "The appearance of a giant goldfish is a sign of a catastrophe."

In 2018, a ferry sinking fatality occurred in Lake Toba in the same place, because a villager caught a 13kg goldfish a few days before the incident.

The domestic netizens responded, "It may be a superstition, but I want you to just release it."

(Source: Juliarson Saragih on Facebook)