On the 7th, it was confirmed that the former Blue House Chief Min Jung Kim Jo-won, who was criticized for not attending the presidential meeting on the day the successor was announced, left the Blue House on the 7th.

Blue House spokesman Kang Min-seok said that after Kim's speech on the 7th, after finishing work on pending issues, he said hello to the president and left the Blue House.

He added that he politely greeted and exited the group chat room where senior staff participated.

At the beginning, Chief Kim explained that reports such as the controversy about leaving the end of the day were quite misunderstood, saying that he was planning a vacation from yesterday (10th).

Former chief Kim did not attend a meeting of the chief and aides presided over by President Moon yesterday, and did not appear at the presentation of the new chief of government, civil affairs, and civil society.

(Photo = Yonhap News)