The largest number of occupational diseases was recorded among employees of mining enterprises - 46.9% of all registered cases.

In second place is manufacturing (29.9%).

This is followed by enterprises engaged in transportation and storage (10.5%), as well as construction (3.6%).

In workers employed in agriculture, forestry, hunting, slavery and fish farming, Rospotrebnadzor recorded 3.5% of cases of occupational diseases.

Other types of economic activity account for 5.2% of cases, the department noted.

In total, 4.5 thousand cases of occupational diseases were recorded in Russia in 2019. This is 629 fewer cases than in 2018.

Occupational diseases among workers are most often caused by physical overload, exposure to industrial aerosols and chemical poisoning. 

As a result, workers develop, in particular, diseases such as chronic bronchitis, sensorineural hearing loss (hearing loss), vibration disease and sciatica.

Earlier, a rating of professions was compiled, for representatives of which it is easier for the rest to find a job after the lifting of quarantine measures related to the coronavirus pandemic.