Chinanews, August 10th. According to Euronet, citing EUN News Agency, statistics from the Greek Ministry of Health on the evening of the 8th local time show that there were 152 new cases of new coronary pneumonia confirmed in Greece that day, with a total of 5,421 confirmed cases and a total of 5,421 deaths. 211 people. In the past few days, the authorities have adopted a series of measures including expanding the scope of mandatory wearing of masks and prohibiting religious celebrations. Greek Prime Minister Mizotakis will hold a special meeting again on the 10th, and it is expected that other epidemic prevention measures may be added.

  According to reports, data show that of the newly confirmed 152 cases, 25 are imported cases and the remaining 127 are local community infections. Among them, Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece, has the largest number of new cases. The authorities have warned earlier that if the number of new infections in the city does not decrease in the next few days, then local restrictions will need to be taken.

  The island of Poros, which is geographically close to Athens and belongs to the Attica region administratively, has become the first Greek island to be restricted again due to a large number of confirmed cases of COVID-19. A series of epidemic prevention measures have been implemented from the 6th. , Including shortening the business hours of the catering industry, banning celebrations and trade fairs, and wearing masks both indoors and outdoors.

  Due to the severity of the epidemic and the impact of epidemic prevention measures, tourists who are on vacation in the local area have left Poros island early, and a large number of hotel room reservations have also been cancelled. Due to a lack of customers, some businesses have planned to temporarily close business. In the supposedly prosperous August tourist season, the local economy suffered a severe blow.

  In this regard, Poros Mayor Dimitriadis accused the local police chief of inaction during the epidemic, police officers did not perform their duties to strengthen inspections, and did not penalize and close companies that violated epidemic prevention regulations, resulting in the number of new crown patients With a substantial increase, municipalities had to implement restrictive measures. The police chief involved may be removed from office. However, it is reported that the chief has filed a complaint with the competent police agency.

  The Piraeus Police Union rebutted the remarks of the mayor of Poros on the 8th. The police union said in a statement that the mayor of Poros tried to shirk his responsibility and referred the mistake to the police.

  According to the requirements of the Greek authorities, the Greek police have stepped up inspections to crack down on party gatherings in various places, especially the popular tourist islands of Mykolos and Santorini. Bars and restaurants that violate the epidemic prevention regulations will be immediately closed. .

  Since August 1, the Greek police have dealt with a total of 2,042 epidemic prevention violations, including failure to use masks and failure to maintain social distance. Violators have been fined 150 euros. At the same time, a total of 57 companies across Greece were ordered to close due to violations of epidemic prevention regulations. (Liang Manyu)