The fall hunting season begins today with crown pigeon hunting allowed throughout the country. At the same time, limited hunting of sea geese and Canada geese will begin, Game Center informs.

Sea geese may be hunted on the coast, Canada geese throughout the country. For the time being, both can only be hunted in the fields. Hunting outside the fields is allowed from 20 August.

The guinea fowl is just spreading from the coast to the lakes and is therefore calmed inland.

- The populations of the crowned pigeon and the Canada goose are abundant and can withstand hunting well, game manager Jörgen Hermansson says in the Game Centre's press release.

Herds of geese, according to Hermansson, can cause damage to crops in late summer. For this reason, their hunting in the fields has been brought forward. The hunting of field geese now begins for the third time on August 10.

Hunting of other waterfowl will also start on 20.8. while sea and Canada goose restrictions are lifted.