Qinghai: Draw lessons from one another against illegal mining in Qilian Mountains and resolutely avoid the same problem from recurring

  China News Service Xining, August 10 (Hu Guilong, Zhang Tianfu, Pan Yujie) The Qinghai Provincial People's Government Information Office held a press conference on the 9th. A reporter from Chinanews.com was informed that in response to media reports on illegal mining in the Muli mining area, the Qinghai Provincial Party Committee held a special meeting, demanding strict investigations and inferences, to promote ideological and fundamental solutions to the problems of various departments and resolutely avoid the same problems. occur.

  A few days ago, some media reported that an enterprise named Qinghai Xingqing Industry and Trade Engineering Group Co., Ltd., under the name of ecological restoration and governance, conducted predatory mining in the Muli mining area in the hinterland of the southern foot of the Qilian Mountains, with a profit of tens of billions. Yuan Renminbi, the chairman of the company is even known as the "invisible richest man" in Qinghai.

  Li Jiexiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Qinghai Provincial Party Committee and Deputy Governor of the Provincial Government, introduced that on August 8, the Provincial Party Committee held a special meeting again to carefully study the special investigation work and related issues, and make further arrangements and deployments for the next step, requiring all parts of the province All departments should earnestly improve their political positions, take the initiative to act, hold back, and never let go if they are not thoroughly investigated, and never let go if they are not solved thoroughly. Through strict investigation and strict handling and inferences, promote local and various departments We must solve the problem ideologically and fundamentally, and resolutely avoid the recurrence of the same problem.

  Li Jiexiang said that in the next step, the Public Security Task Force and the Disciplinary Supervisory Committee will fully investigate violations of laws and disciplines, regardless of who is involved, regardless of the level involved, once verified, they will be dealt with strictly in accordance with laws and regulations, and will not be tolerated.

  At the same time, stop all production and operation activities in the Muli mining area, implement fully enclosed management, and rename the Muli Coalfield Administration to the Muli Coalfield Ecological Protection Bureau to cut off all behaviors that affect the ecological environment from the source to ensure that the problem is completely solved.

  “While consolidating the results of the early treatment of the Muli mining area, we immediately started a new round of ecological environment restoration and rectification, hiring an expert group to scientifically evaluate and demonstrate, research and propose a comprehensive rectification plan, and actively seek national support to promote the transformation and upgrading of the mining industry.” Li Jiexiang said. .

  He said that in accordance with the principles of strict management, strict control, and strict governance, large-scale inspections of mining enterprises will be carried out across the province to comprehensively investigate all kinds of hidden dangers in ecological environment safety and production safety, and respond to issues clearly pointed out by the central government, the masses and the media. The true problems and problems found in the self-inspection and self-inspection shall be comprehensively sorted out, and a long-term and strict long-term mechanism shall be established to resolutely maintain the ecological safety red line.

  In addition, Li Jiexiang said that it is necessary to hold a provincial warning education conference to inform the media about the special investigation and handling opinions of illegal mining in the Muli mining area, to explain the case, to make the case clear, to establish the letter of the case, to learn lessons, learn from one another, and educate the whole province. Party committees and governments at all levels and all party members and cadres are always vigilant, aware of reverence and fear, resolutely shoulder the political responsibility of ecological protection, continue to build the will and belief of ecological service to the country, and continue to build ecological security barriers to contribute to the sustainable development of the Chinese nation Qinghai contribution. (Finish)