Aerial view of Cannes (illustration). - VALERY HACHE / AFP

False alarm in Cannes. Panic spread to the city center of the city of festivals on Monday evening with a large crowd movement which saw people take refuge where they could, especially in the casino. Reached by 20 Minutes , the police station indicates that according to the first elements, "there was no gunshots" as some claimed online. In the process, the town hall indicated that the crowd movement had been caused by "a false rumor".

­čö┤ #Cannes, DEMENTIA.

The mob move in Cannes was sparked by rumor.

No shots.

Don't worry, the situation is under control.

We thank you for not conveying false information.

- Cannes (@villecannes) August 10, 2020

Crowds in Cannes, gunshots heard near the casino

- unavailable (@Melv_ino) August 10, 2020

Currently locked up in a casino in Cannes following a shooting on the Croisette

- John Seboun (@HayronSJ) August 10, 2020

According to the police, a "noisy brawl, with broken dishes" would have taken place on the terrace of a restaurant and could be at the origin of the panic movement. "A fool must have shouted that there had been a shot," but when the officers arrived, "there was nothing at all," said the police.

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