China News Service, August 10th. According to Peru’s “Gazette” report on the 9th, Peru has a total of 47,012 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia and 20,844 deaths. Taking into account the recent increase in the number of minors infected with the new crown virus in Peru, the Peruvian Ministry of Health recommends that children go out as far as possible and take safety precautions when going out.

  According to reports, there are still 13,680 people in Peru for treatment and 319,171 people have recovered.

The picture shows the families of patients with new coronary pneumonia lining up to charge oxygen cylinders.

  The Peruvian National Institute of Children (INSN) pointed out that children are also susceptible to the new crown virus. The three key points of protective measures are washing hands frequently, wearing masks and maintaining social distance. With regard to the current epidemic situation, the ideal situation is to reduce children’s outings.

  On the other hand, he suggested that parents of children suffering from diseases such as heart disease, cancer or leukemia should pay more attention. If these children are infected with the new coronavirus, their condition will often deteriorate faster and will enter the intensive care unit.

  He also emphasized that in winter, respiratory infections or bacterial pneumonia occur frequently, which may lead to co-infections and complications.

  On August 8, local time, in order to further effectively prevent and control the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Peruvian government has authorized the Ministry of Transport and Communications to purchase protective masks, and plans to distribute protective masks to people on public transportation for free after the purchase is completed.