Online registration of stem cell storage in Dubai Health saves time and protection for mothers

The number of electronic registration requests for stem cell storage at the Dubai Cord Blood and Research Center of the Dubai Health Authority reached (72) applications for mothers of various nationalities residing in the country.

The Dubai Health Authority was keen to launch this service as part of its continuous efforts to facilitate mothers and customers in general to benefit from the center's services in all circumstances, especially in this exceptional circumstance during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since its launch last June, the service has contributed to saving time and effort for mothers, and the continuity of the pace of work in the center while maintaining the strengthening of precautionary and preventive measures for pregnant women in light of the current circumstances, especially since the pregnant women are among the groups most vulnerable to infection.

The electronic registration service allows mothers who wish to store stem cells to send an email to the Dubai Cord Blood Center as a registration request in the service with writing the various contact numbers, as the concerned team at the center provides them with all the documents required to register the official data and re-send it to the center via email DCRC @, in order to review and audit the data, to ensure that the required conditions are met, and to officially register in the center for storing stem cells for a period of (30) years.

The Dubai Cord Blood Research Center is in constant coordination with mothers after the official registration in the service, as the equipment and tools necessary to collect cord blood samples are delivered to the mother to take with her during childbirth in private hospitals for use by the medical and nursing staff, while this equipment is provided in Authority governmental hospitals (Dubai, Latifa and Hatta).

The center is also keen to inform mothers of this service through the medical and nursing staff working in hospitals and primary health care centers during medical reviews of mothers during pregnancy.

On the other hand, the Dubai Cord Blood Research Center was able to organize a number of remote training courses during the Covid-19 pandemic to train medical and nursing staff in the authority's hospitals, and many successful samples that were stored in the center were received in accordance with the best standards, requirements and protocols in force globally. And with a high degree of privacy and accuracy to be used later in the treatment of various blood diseases when needed.

The center has also contributed so far, in cooperation with the international centers, in the treatment of (20) disease cases suffering from thalassemia, sickle cell anemia, leukemia, and Fanconi anemia after providing these centers with stem cells extracted from umbilical cord blood and stored in the center, and the center has also succeeded since its establishment in 2006. So far, more than (8000) stem cell samples extracted from the umbilical cord blood of mothers of various nationalities have been stored.

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