China Overseas Chinese Network, August 10th. According to the US "World Journal" report, in order to help the Chinatown restaurant industry in Manhattan, New York restore the economy as soon as possible, the Chinese House in New York recently conducted a survey of businesses and closed the streets on weekends to set up more outdoor dining seats. It found that 85 % Of businesses agreed to close streets for outdoor business. A few days ago, including elected officials and 12 traditional overseas Chinese groups wrote to City Councillor Chen Qianwen, calling for support for the street closure plan, suggesting that Bayard Street (Bayard St) to Worth Street (Mott St) be closed during the weekend. Lot, and from Mulberry St to Baiye Street from Mulberry St.

  The letter stated that while dine-in food was postponed indefinitely, many restaurants participated in the "open streets" plan, successfully expanding the scope of outdoor dining, restoring part of the income of businesses, and reinstatement of many employees, for those companies struggling to make ends meet. In other words, increasing dining opportunities in summer can help them maintain their livelihoods in difficult times in the future. For people who have been closed at home in the past few months, open streets also allow them to enjoy outdoor dining under the social distancing guidelines. Beautiful, and support local small businesses. (Yan Jiaying)