Large-scale explosion in a residential area in the US One person died Gas explosion or local media 5:23 on August 11th

A massive explosion in a residential area in eastern Maryland in the United States messed up several homes, killing one person so far. Local media have reportedly suspected a gas explosion.

In a residential area in Baltimore, Maryland, eastern United States, a large-scale explosion struck three houses in a mess on the 10th.

According to police etc., one person has died and at least three are in serious condition so far.

In the video from the site, the house is not in its original form at all, it is a pile of debris, and what seems to be debris of the house are scattered around, telling the magnitude of the impact of the explosion.

There is information that at least five people, including children, are trapped under the debris, and fire and police rescue operations are being conducted.

The cause of the explosion is unknown, but local media reported that somehow the gas had leaked and ignited, police said, scrutinizing the matter.