We talked a little earlier about the popular hair model that is suitable for women of all ages.

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One reason for the popularity of the model, which has been on the surface for a couple of years, may be that it frames faces of all shapes beautifully.

Indeed, when cutting hair, many people want a model that is especially rejuvenating or otherwise suitable for their own age group. However, hairdressers assure that it’s all about each individual’s hair and appearance - different models look different on different people. The professional is able to evaluate what kind of surgery is suitable for each and, if necessary, make a rejuvenating look, if you want one.

However, we asked hairdressers what things in general in hairstyles age and rejuvenate.

Hair of all ages should be taken care of regularly. Good quality hair looks fresh and vibrant.

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A carefree look is youthful

According to hairdresser Anni Kosunen, youth is brought about by all models that are relaxed and natural. Excessive “putting” of hair is avoided in youthful looks and hair should not take up too much time in a lifestyle.

- Casual surf hair, which is not finished unnecessarily glamorous, is youthful. The Lob model is a good example of this, and at least it doesn't age anyone, says Anni Kosunen from Beauty Salon Illusia in Lappeenranta.

Forty Myleene Klass in a casual look in London for the weekend.

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Hairdresser Sirkku Lampiniemi from the Yazz Hair salon in Turku names long hair as the length of hair preferred by young people. They give a youthful impression of the plaintiff.

- It is not worth covering up your own, natural features. Often, young women come to a stage where there is no desire to emphasize their own, natural look. However, their own natural features soften and create a beautiful end result, so they should not be covered up, Lampiniemi says.

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Evenly thick and untreated hair ages easily

According to Anni Kosunen, the aging of hair is usually increased by straight, evenly cut hair models.

- For example, a straight bob usually also rounds the face. The models, which are cut with layers and according to facial features, bring out the skeleton and structure of anyone's face more flatteringly, says Kosunen.

Sirkku Lampiniemi often lists that cold, dark and unnatural colors often add to the “hard impression”, especially on older women.

Why short hair at a certain age?

Lampiniemi thinks it's funny that sometimes it is thought that by a certain age, short hair should be cut. For her, for some women, it even works rejuvenating, but for others, the short model may age even further.

A knowledgeable hairdresser can recommend a model that suits the client's face, bones and hair, so you should feel free to ask the hairdresser's opinion.

Good quality and exemplary hair looks vibrant, youthful and in good condition. As you get older, you should also pay more attention to hair care and, for example, ask your hairdresser what kind of care your own hair needs.

- In addition to evenly cut models, the untreated hair ages the entire hair look. For example, cutting dry tops and using a conditioner are the basic things that take care of the condition of the hair, says Kosunen.

Different models are available for even short hair. A layered look is often a more youthful choice than an evenly cut polka.

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