China News Service, August 10th. According to the Associated Press, the explosion at the Beirut port in Lebanon caused varying degrees of damage to some historical heritage buildings, museums and art galleries, as well as the 160-year-old Sursock Palace (Sursock Palace). Be spared.

On August 8, 2020 local time, Roderick stood in the heavily damaged Susok Palace.

  Roderick Susok is the owner of Susok Palace. He said that the destruction of Susok Palace caused by the explosion in Beirut port was 10 times the damage caused by Lebanon’s 15-year civil war.

  After the Civil War, the family spent 20 years meticulously repairing the palace and restoring it to its former glory.

  The Sussok Palace was built in 1860 on a hill in the center of Beirut, overlooking the now-destroyed port. It houses a collection of exquisite artworks, furniture from the Ottoman Empire, marbles and paintings from Italy-these are all It is the hard work of three generations of the Susok family.

  Susok Palace has always been a landmark of Beirut and is listed as a cultural heritage. It has a spacious garden and has been a venue for countless weddings and cocktail parties for many years and has been appreciated by tourists.

  Now the palace is severely damaged and requires long-term, expensive and delicate restoration work, "just like rebuilding from scratch," Roderick said.