Interior Secretary G√ľnter Krings has called for the police to take tougher action against participants in demonstrations that violate Corona measures. "It makes no sense if we give ourselves rules that are then not enforced," said the CDU politician of the Rheinische Post . "You can protest or demonstrate against rules, but you can't just override them." That is why the law enforcement officers would have to take even more rigorous action in the future and effectively impose fines against demonstrators who did not adhere to the rules of distance.

Cities should also check carefully when registering new demonstrations. "New demonstrations by organizers who have already shown that their demos are massively violating rules - such as on August 1st in Berlin - should be prohibited in principle."

Notification before trips possible

The Green interior expert Konstantin von Notz told the newspaper: "We mustn't overestimate these demos. A wide variety of people meet there, some of whom are very crazy and who sometimes look at themselves with their sometimes blatantly esoteric to openly insane positions that are simply ridiculous do." In the broader population, however, one has a high degree of rationality and responsibility.

Krings also suggested the introduction of an obligation to notify before planned trips to corona risk areas. "When traveling to risk areas, we should think about whether we introduce a prior notification requirement," said the CDU politician. "Anyone who wants to travel to a risk area should report this to the health department beforehand so that it can be more easily checked afterwards whether the mandatory corona test was carried out upon entry and whether the quarantine was complied with."

There are currently two options for returnees from risk areas: Either they can be tested in the holiday country a maximum of 48 hours before departure and submit negative evidence in German or English. You have to pay for tests abroad yourself. Or they can be tested after their return in Germany, which is possible for up to three days free of charge, for example at the family doctor.