President Moon Jae-in has not yet accepted his resignation for the five senior secretaries and Secretary Roh Young-min, who expressed their appreciation on Friday. Before and after Liberation Day, it seems that some chief secretaries will be replaced first, and then a decision will be made on whether to replace Director Roh Young-min.

Reporter Kim Jung-yoon on the report.

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chief secretary of the Blue House, Noh Young-min, who expressed their appreciation, and most of the senior secretaries of the secretary's office came to work yesterday (9th).

However, it is known that Kim Jo-won, chief executive Min Jeong, did not go to work yesterday, and went out in the Blue House high-ranking messenger chat room.

Cheong Wa Dae officials say that President Moon Jae-in's concern, who has not immediately accepted his resignation, is that he has not yet found all of his successors, that is,'decent alternatives'.

So, the possibility of replacing the senior politics, civil affairs, and communication chiefs, which has been part of the process of searching for a successor, is promisingly discussed.

Director Young-min Roh, a symbol of the transition to the secretary office system, is likely to be replaced if some of the chiefs are replaced and the successor is outlined over time.

Some chief replacements will take place as early as the 15th, before Liberation Day, and at the latest immediately after the Liberation Day holiday, a Blue House official said.

A chief of staff at the Blue House said, "Now, the human resources issue is sucking up the effectiveness of all government policies as well as real estate policies like a sponge."

In the opposition, there is a critique of “early lame duck feeling”.

So, there is a prospect that President Moon will set up a strategy to break through the current crisis, such as the real estate controversy, and then carry out the Cheong Wa Dae reorganization as well as the reorganization one after another.