The summer is long, but the betting league season is still in its infancy.

Nevertheless, on Monday, two clubs met in Helsinki, who have already had time to kick off their old coach, nominate new responsibilities and watch for a moment how the decision is reflected in the team's game performances.

In the case of Helsinki IFK, completely. Monday's win over TPS was already fourth for HIFK in five matches since Tor Thodesen's departure.

The people of Helsinki have been secretly in pain for the fourth time in the series, only three points away from the top spot.

The situation for TPS looks gloomier. In the debut of Jonathan Johansson's debut, the club that released Tommi Pikkarainen from coaching positions grabbed a 3–2 victory from Rovaniemi, but has been toothless again since then.

In Helsinki, it defended its goal in 56 minutes. When HIFK couldn’t get close, it started firing from afar.

First Jabar Sharza riveted the top corner of the ball, and in the end Jani Bäckman still secured the victory with numbers 2-0 for HIFK.

After the game, Johansson, who chose the online style coach, scratched his head in front of the exchange bench, looking exactly what kind of job he would have in front of him.

According to him, the performance was the best of the season - which may be true - and it says a lot about the situation in Turku.

Conflicting kicks

The fact that HIFK, TPS, Ykkönen's KPV and Gnistan's and even Kakkonen's clubs have fired their coaches after only a few rounds is in stark contrast to the spring's corona talks.

The economic situation is unfortunate, but the shoe still swings quickly, even if the kicks come at a cost.

HIFK’s management can answer that look at what’s going on in the field, and there aren’t a lot of objections to that right now.

Thodesen's kicks were probably due to more than just events on the field. This is already indicated by the club's paranoia about every player's comment to the old coach.

Be that as it may, after HIFK defeated SJK in a new command, something set in motion that is now visible in the league placement.

The team is a strong candidate for the top-down series, and why not even a medal battle if the pace increases even further. Player material is sufficient.

Some questions are raised by the arrangement in which Thodesen's former assistants Mike Keeney and Teemu Kankkunen share the responsibility for coaching.

That’s what you rarely see in football, for which you have your own logical reasons. Who really decides when to make tough decisions? When it goes well, everything is easier.

The HIFK program leaflet provides a reference. In it, Keeney's name is higher, even though Kankkunen is in the alphabet above.

Glamor far away

TPS asks completely different questions. Pikkarainen's situation was bad in terms of domestic politics even before the start of the season, even though he promoted the team to the Veikkausliiga.

When the season started with four losses and the game didn’t look promising in any way, it was easy to make a decision.

The future coach was already mapped in the company. It’s an easy guess that Jonathan Johansson was asked for next season, but he was already free.

Johansson's merits as a player are undeniably strong by Finnish standards.

Even so hard that some believe his name and career as a player influenced TPS’s decision to hire his former player as head coach.

Johansson did not become a betting league coach from any vertical forest. He comes from the Scottish moors.

The Grand Coach Rangers' assistant coach, the role of the Finnish national team's assistant coach, the head coach of the Scottish First Division and a couple of academy assists are not a trivial background for a Veikkausliiga first-timer.

While it’s hard to say even greater about Johansson as head coach, listening to him knows that the ex-striker is on the map of the current demands of football. Hardly Pedro Caixinha would otherwise have taken him to his modern coaching team at the Rangers.

Johansson’s work attitude is evidenced by the fact that although he was a former star of the English and Scottish Premier Leagues, he sometimes even drove the academy team bus.

As a coach at TPS, there is little more glamor than that. There’s a long and grueling battle ahead of the series place, nothing more. Johansson knew that when he came to Finland.