• Dj dead for investigators, the child was with her, searches continue


10 August 2020Over 400 hectares of bush are sifted through the area of ​​the discovery of the body of Viviana Parisi, the 43-year-old DJ who disappeared from Monday with her 4-year-old son Gioele. Rescuers relentlessly search for the child whose track has been lost for eight days. There is a molecular dog to search for the baby, who disappeared with his mother found dead on Saturday, while the firefighters use drones.

In the meantime, the area where the woman's body was found has been cordoned off and it is impossible for journalists to get close. In the 'headquarters' of the police forces, in a service station on state road 113, there are police, carabinieri, firefighters and civil protection vehicles who organize briefings to continue the search.

Canine units, topographers, drones
The canine units and experts in topography applied to the rescue of the Fire Brigade are also at work. The research is being carried out by ground teams made up of Saf units (Speleo alpine fluviale) and dog lovers, while drones of the Sapr nucleus (Remote piloted aircraft systems) are carrying out surveys from the top of the disappearance area. 

The search for little Gioele, who disappeared with his mother Viviana, continues in #Caronia (ME). At work dog lovers and experts in topography applied to the rescue of #vigilidelfuoco pic.twitter.com/v1QHua5Q5z

- Fire Brigade (@emergenzavvf) August 10, 2020.
A 'hole' of 22 minutes
There was a meeting in the Prefecture in Messina to take stock of the research. Investigators try to shed light on what happened in the 22-minute 'hole' since the woman left the Sant'Agata Militello tollbooth on the A20 Messina-Palermo and then returned to the motorway after 22 minutes. . Then, in Caronia, he had a minor accident and from that moment his tracks have been lost.

Tomorrow the autopsy
The autopsy on the corpse of Viviana Parisi, found dead Saturday afternoon in the countryside of Caronia, will be carried out in Messina on Tuesday morning. The outcome of the autopsy examination will be important for the investigators, because the continuation of the search for little Gioele will depend on the outcome. If the DJ was killed, which is currently not ruled out, the child may have been taken away. At that point, searches will have to be expanded to other areas.