China Overseas Chinese Network, August 10, according to a report compiled by, the Victorian government of Australia reported on the latest situation of the new crown pneumonia epidemic on the 8th. On the same day, Queensland government officials announced the closure of the border with New South Wales and the capital. In addition, in order to reduce the pressure on the hotel isolation system, the Australian National Cabinet unanimously agreed to restrict the number of international tourists entering the country until October 24.

Expert: Public compliance is the prerequisite for the blockade order to take effect

  According to the Ninth News report, the Victorian Police also announced that they had issued a total of 197 personal fines for violating the Chief Health Officer’s order. Among them, 39 were due to not wearing a mask when they went out and 62 were violating the curfew. Six people were fined at the vehicle inspection point.

  In response, Professor Jodie McVernon, Director of Infectious Diseases of the Doherty Institute, said that the new lockdown measures are expected to reduce the number of newly confirmed cases, but the prerequisite for the fourth phase of the lockdown order to take effect is that people must comply with these measures. .

  She said: “It is clear that the fight against the epidemic requires unity. Public health response and autonomous isolation are both important parts, as is social distancing. Every time a confirmed case appears, the number of people who have been in contact with the confirmed person will decrease because he goes out or There are fewer opportunities to socialize. We rely on these jobs."

Queensland closes the border of the NSW capital

  Based on the Ninth News and SBS reports, Queensland’s Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young announced on the 8th that NSW and the Territory are high-risk areas for the epidemic, and Queensland will close the southern state for the second time.

  People in Queensland returning home can only choose airplanes, and they need to be isolated at the hotel for 14 days at their own expense after arrival.

  In this regard, Queensland Health Minister Steven Miles said: "These new stricter border restrictions are to protect the safety of Queensland and the people of Queensland." It is understood that as of the 8th, Queensland has been continuous. No new confirmed cases were found in 200 days.

International passenger restrictions extended to October 24

  ANZ reported that on the 7th, after Prime Minister Morrison (Scott Morrison) and state governors held a video conference, special restrictions on the arrival of international passengers were extended to October 24. In other words, in the next few months, Australia will still prohibit some international travelers from arriving, or restrict international travelers to only certain capital cities.

  At the same time, restrictions on the exit of Australian citizens and permanent residents continue to be implemented. (Sun Shishi)