China News Service, August 10th. According to the US "World Journal" report, US President Trump signed four executive orders on the 8th to unilaterally take relief measures, including a weekly payment of US$400 in relief to the unemployed. Although the executive order he signed did not include the second wave of bailout plans, and the two parties actually disagree on the amount of federal unemployment benefits, they have basically reached a consensus on issuing the second wave of bailout checks. Some Chinese accountants believe that the final version of the relief check for people in emergency during the epidemic is expected to relax restrictions and allow more people to receive it.

  The accountant Ye Junlin said that the unemployment rate in the United States is very high. The two parties in the Senate and the House of Representatives consider the practical aspect and hold the more important attitude of saving people. Therefore, there is a consensus on the second wave of bailout payments. The bailout plan will definitely relax the restrictions. For example, under the new plan, college students over the age of 17 can receive $500 per person, regardless of whether they are dependents of their parents or not, which will enable more families to get help. In addition, as long as the holder of the social security number was previously eligible for bailout money, but this time ITIN (personal tax identification number) holders may also receive a check.

  The second wave of bail-out money is issued. Eligible people are expected to receive US$1,200 in cash, couples can receive US$2,400, and each child who has not yet worked receives US$500. Therefore, a family of four can receive at least US$3,400. .

  Accountant Zhang Qing said that the qualifications issued in the second wave may be the same as those in the first wave, and the issuing order may be similar. People who have not yet received the first wave of bailout money need not worry, as long as they are eligible, if they can’t receive it this year, they can reclaim it when they file their tax returns next year.

  As for when the second wave of bailout funds will be issued? Zhang Qing said that assuming that the bipartisan members of the Senate and the House of Representatives reach an agreement, the distribution will start as soon as one week after President Trump signs it.

  The US Internal Revenue Service made mistakes in the last round of bailout payments, such as issuing deceased persons or foreign students. Zhang Qing pointed out that these people who should not receive the bailout money should be returned as soon as possible if they receive the bailout money, so as to avoid the IRS after the fall. Don't take money that you shouldn't take. If you are suspected of fraudulent behavior by government agencies, the parties may face legal sanctions, so don't make big mistakes. (Xie Yushan)