The Lebanese newspaper "Al-Gomhoria" revealed that the investigation committee into the Beirut Port disaster has prepared its report and submitted it to the government for review.

The report specified - according to the newspaper - the administrative responsibilities for the bombing of the port since the entry of the ship carrying ammonium nitrate until its explosion.

She added that specifying responsibilities will facilitate the work of the judiciary, and that a list of 20 names has been presented with a determination of the political responsibility that ministers have followed throughout these years for questioning as witnesses. It concluded that "the investigation itself and the arrests are within the jurisdiction of the judiciary."

On the subject of hypotheses causing the massive explosion, the "Republic" stated that the majority of the results and answers obtained by the military prosecution set aside the hypothesis of the intended act, while the analyzes of Paris reinforced this conclusion when the French presidency declared that "the explosion was an accident, and it seems that it was not an intentional act." .

The newspaper also quoted judicial sources as saying that investigations showed that "ward No. 12 collected all the stunting and explosive materials from nitrates and similar inflammable materials from fireworks, fuse and explosives, which caused the force of the explosion."

She pointed out that "the scientific study that the French and the Lebanese army will present will determine what was the thing that exploded. Is it 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate? Or less?"

She concluded, "According to the information, the volume of the materials that exploded is less than this amount, while there is a large percentage of them that are still there and have not exploded, and this is the danger in this information that cannot be confirmed pending the outcome of the scientific study of the French and the Lebanese army together."