Xinhua News Agency, Abidjan, August 9th (Reporter Zheng Yangtze) Niamey News: Unidentified militants attacked the Qure area in Tillabéri province in southwestern Niger on the 9th, killing 8 people, including 6 French Tourists.

  Niger's Ministry of Interior issued a communiqué on the evening of the 9th, stating that at noon that day, a group of unidentified militants attacked a car in the Qure area. The car belonged to a French non-governmental organization. The six French tourists, a Niger guide and a Niger driver in the car were all confirmed dead and the car was burned.

  The Qure area is about 60 kilometers away from Niamey, the capital of Niger. There is a West African Giraffe Nature Reserve. The Ministry of the Interior of Niger said it will launch a cleanup operation in the area to search for militants.

  In addition, the French Presidential Palace confirmed to the media on the evening of the 9th that several French citizens were attacked and killed in Niger that same day. French President Macron had a phone conversation with Niger President Issouf on the same day. French media reported that the dead French tourists were shot and attacked by armed men on motorcycles at noon that day. The identity of the attacker is still unclear.

  Tillabéry Province is located on the border of Mali and Burkina Faso in the west of Niger. In recent years, extremist organizations and terrorist organizations associated with the extremist organization "Islamic State" have frequently launched attacks in this area, causing a large number of casualties. (Reporter involved: Xu Yongchun)