● "Yumi will be jealous of me"… Governor Hogan, who was consistently delightful, the

Republican Party, which is actually the Trump Party, looks at the President's attention so much that it seems like an American party. It is because of the idea that the carpet bombing of tweeting after making a sound at the president is basic, and that he may be retaliated against for various criticisms and ridicule. In addition, the supporters of Trump are so polar that ruling party officials who talk to them carelessly have to face a big disadvantage in the election. Under these circumstances, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, well known as the'Korean son-in-law', is a precious jewel within the Republican Party. This is because he is almost the only person in the Republican Party to point out that President Trump was wrong in the coronavirus phase. Governor Hogan can do that because his approval rating is so solid. The second wave of Coronavirus has led to the overall decline in the approval ratings of U.S. governors, but Hogan's approval rating remains the same. On July 29, researchers from Harvard, Northwestern and Northeastern University announced the results of a two-week Governor approval survey of 19,52 Americans for their response to Corona 19, with Governor Hogan ranked first with 76% approval ratings. I did it. What Hogan says means people trust.

About a month ago, when I interviewed Mrs. Yumi Hogan, I decided that I should also interview Governor Hogan, but this time I was invited to the office of Governor Hogan in Annapolis to have a one-on-one interview. Annapolis, Maryland, is quite different from Washington, DC. DC is an administrative capital that feels like a metropolitan city, with the White House and other government office buildings built around the monument, like a city planned as a capital city. Annapolis, on the other hand, has a lot of old-fashioned features of the early days of the United States. It is said to have been the capital of the United States for two years from 1783, and many government offices were built at the time, so it feels very old. I remember stopping by Annapolis before and looking at the old state parliament building and thinking,'That's where Governor Hogan works.' It was a great opportunity for a correspondent to be able to come and see the place in person.

I didn't have any special requirements, and I was told that it was okay to ask anything I wanted to ask a Korean correspondent, so I prepared various things. The interview location was in a large conference room next to Governor Hogan's office inside the state parliament building, which felt like a museum with portraits of past governors hung. The interview was held at a sufficient distance, and except during the interview, both the reporters and Governor Hogan were wearing masks throughout.

Governor Hogan speaks plainly, but jokes a lot whenever there is a chance, so the interviews were conducted in a consistently pleasant atmosphere. When I visited Korea, people recognized and cheered Yoomi Hogan, but they said that they hardly knew she was governor. She joked that she felt like a person carrying a luggage and that Yumi would be jealous after an interview with SBS this time. At the same time, she would be famous now, and she laughed at the reporter saying that Yumi would tell her that she is not the only star in Korea.

Governor Hogan even showed him the office and explained the interior one by one. George Washington also used the office, and the portrait was hung in front. It was fun to see, as there were pictures taken with the presidents of the United States, like the prowess of the Republican Party. The office was not very big. Rather, it was impressive that the space for the staff in the sub-room was much larger.

● "Please tell me not to say hateful Koreans"… Pence Vice driven established Yumi Hogan

February, Republican Governor Association Trump President in a private dinner is "Koreans are terrible people," "do not really like to partner Moon Jae-President" and what Hogan governor had remarks in his autobiography recently published ' It was revealed through'Still Standing'. When the main content was first released at the Washington Post, SBS also made a related report. We asked what context it came from, and Governor Hogan explained the situation in detail.

Jill) What did you think of President Trump's hate speech about Korea at the Republican Governor's Dinner? What was the reaction of the other governors?

Answer) I was really surprised, and I felt really disgusted with the remarks. It wasn't the first time that President Trump made a demeaning remark, but the remarks at the time were really absurd and I didn't even know why. I thought it was really wrong and it hurt the other person. I was especially worried about my wife who was sitting with me. That remark was almost an attack on Koreans. I don't think anyone in the room thought it was a good speech, and I don't think anyone agreed with it. Many governors were looking down and only their eyes were rolling. None of them have been hurt as much as my wife. I know that I wanted to get out of the way. My wife was holding on to tears coming out.
But the next day, all the governors gathered at the residence of the Korean Embassy in the United States. When I went with the governors, President Moon Jae-in came out on video and gave a speech on special US-Korea relations. It was quite the opposite of what President Trump said. The Republican and Democratic Governors were all grateful for the hospitality provided by the Korean Embassy and agreed that the US-Korea relationship was special.

Jill) Is there anything that President Trump hasn't disclosed regarding his remarks on Korea?

A) This story has not been said before. The next day, the Governor's Dinner was at the White House, and we sat with Vice President Pence and his wife. Vice President Pence's father is a veteran of the Korean War. Yumi attends many events related to veterans of the Korean War. I always thanked the soldiers who fought for freedom in Korea. My wife has also thanked Vice President Pence for her father before. He said he wouldn't be here without the soldiers' courage. But Yumi told Vice President Pence how insulting and hurting President Trump's remarks that day. The vice president didn't know what to say. My wife spoke of the president directly in front of the vice president and said the remarks were terrible. And he asked the president to tell him that he shouldn't say that. My wife is pretty rough. (laugh)

● "President Trump's insulting remarks, I'm not afraid to point out the wrong remarks... I have to point out the wrong remarks."

I asked President Trump why he faced so often.

Jill) I'm the governor of the Republican Party, isn't it burdensome to confront the President? Why does President Trump speak out when he makes a wrong message?

A) I am not a person who just wants to oppose the president. If I do anything I can agree with, I will be more than happy to help President Trump. I also thanked the President for his assistance in the corona response process. But I'm not afraid to say he's wrong when he says something wrong. It is true that there is an atmosphere that the Republican Party does not say so far. I guess it's kind of like a loyalty competition. But it's important to tell the truth for the people of Maryland. I am not afraid of President Trump's insulting comments or Twitter. Some Republicans are worried that their elections will be unfavorable, but I prefer being straightforward and honest.

● “I followed Korean quarantine measures…purchased additional Korean diagnostic equipment in the fall” It

is perfectly true that the spread of Corona 19 in the US is out of control. The spread of the South and West is so severe, but it is true that Maryland is relatively good at it. The weekly confirmation rate of Corona 19 from 26.92% on April 17th dropped to 3.9% on August 6. If it is less than 5%, it can be said that the situation is under control, and Maryland is considered a model state for Corona in this regard. When I asked Annapolis residents about Governor Hogan's evaluation, there were many who said, "Maryland seems to be managing the corona situation well because the governor informed me that wearing a mask is important from the beginning."

Q) How is the Corona 19 situation in Maryland?

A) From the beginning of the incident, we have taken quite aggressive measures. It was a good example for us for Korea to cope with the virus. We watched and followed it. Today, the corona confirmation rate is the lowest since this incident. However, Corona 19 is not completely under control. I'm worried that the numbers are soaring in other states. Viruses do not cross state boundaries. People travel a lot, so I observe the situation closely every day.

Jill) Why do you think wearing a mask is important?

Answer) Wearing a mask is the simplest and most effective measure. I think Korea used mask wearing very effectively. In the United States, there are so many political debates over this that people don't want to wear masks. You need to keep your distance, wash your hands well, and wear a mask in order to do economic activities. We want to return to a normal life. You must wear a mask to avoid lockdown.

Q) Was the introduction of Korean diagnostic equipment helpful?

A) In early March, there were only 2,000 corona19 tests in the United States. Compared to the population, Korea has done much more tests than the United States. At the time, 50 governors of the United States were left to find their state diagnostic equipment. Globally, supply was scarce and demand was huge. It was a tremendous help to bring diagnostic equipment from Korea. Thank you sincerely. The 500,000 diagnostic devices we brought from Korea were more than the combined testing capabilities of the top four US states at the time. Now, the US also has a lot of expansion, but it was a tremendous achievement at the time.

Jill) Do better planning and cooperation with South Korea South Korea plans to introduce additional diagnostic equipment?

A) When we import diagnostic equipment from Korea, we have imported a machine and technology that produce test results. Based on that, they set up a state inspection office at the University of Maryland in Baltimore. From there, test results are available within 24 hours. However, it is taking time for the results to come out as demand is soaring in some research institutes. It takes up to ten days. If you use Korean equipment, machinery and technology, you are getting results really quickly. Korean diagnostic equipment has been strategically stocked, but it is consumed very quickly. I hope it can be used by autumn. And if we need more, we will definitely come back to Korea, and we will place an additional order for more diagnostic tests.

Jill) Governor Cuomo also said why his daughters did not think about bringing diagnostic equipment from Korea.

Answer) It was a very good remark. Governor Cuomo joked that he wished he would bring it in, too, but the remarks helped greatly. We have a very hard working team. The introduction of diagnostic equipment began with his wife, Yumi, and she continued her efforts. Our love for Maryland and Korea has helped us move forward.

● What is the next presidential challenge?... "I want to be a bridge between the Republicans and the Democrats."

Maryland has banned the governor's third consecutive term. Governor Hogan's term ends in early 2023, and it's no wonder in a way that the Republican Party sees him as a leading candidate for the 2024 presidential election. Governor Hogan did not hide his thoughts about running for president. I also stressed that the United States should not go in this direction.

Jill) Governor Hogan is a leading Republican presidential candidate in 2024. How do you want to change America if you become president? And what are you going to do to strengthen the US-Korea relationship?

A) I think we should have a more hopeful and positive vision for America. There are so many fights and divisions. People don't even try to solve the problem. I want to be a bridge between Republicans and Democrats. I want to devise a bipartisan solution. And he has long been a strong ally with Korea and had a special relationship. I don't want to see the divisive speech we've heard hurt this relationship. We must return to long friendships and mutually beneficial relationships.

● "If the autobiography is also available in Korean"…

Governor Hogan's autobiography "Now 100% Recovered from Cancer" has a lot of Korean stories and reads well. From the process of her growth, the process of meeting and marrying Mrs. Yumi Hogan, and how she overcomes the corona pandemic, she wrote in simple words. In particular, I read the 14-hour audiobook myself. Usually, audiobooks often use professional voice actors, and Governor Hogan explained that he came up with the idea that he read them as friendly as possible.

Governor Hogan said he would like his book to be published in Korean. Since my Korean wife, I have written so many stories related to Korea, so I explained that it would be interesting to read even Korean readers. He added that it would be nice to find a Korean publisher quickly and start publishing.

Governor Hogan faced a major crisis from cancer outbreaks five months after he started his first term. The family came out together and told a press conference that they disclosed their health status and received treatment, explaining that they have overcome cancer 100%. If the cancer does not recur for 5 years and is clear, it is judged to be cured, but it is said that it has been over 5 years during this pandemic. He even joked that he couldn't find his hair, which was originally very beautiful, but he still had a scrap of it.

Governor Hogan has said for a long time that she loves Korean food served by Mrs. Yumi. My wife boasted that she made kimchi too well because she liked the food skills she learned from her mother and grandmother. I introduced that I ate LA ribs that my wife gave me at the official residence for lunch. In the last interview, Ms. Yumi Hogan also told me that her husband eats spicy foods better than her, but that wasn't a word for nothing. Through this interview, Governor Hogan, who shows off his Korean wife's pride and love for Korea whenever the opportunity arises, is well qualified to call him Korean son-in-law.