We wrote earlier this week about the trends in hair and their care that are on the surface right now. One of the popular trends is coloring and streaking hair in different, even intense shades. The trend is reminiscent of the 90s.

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If you are interested in hair colors and do not want to fail in home striping, you need to know the most important stages of the process.

We’ve put together below a checklist of everything to keep in mind when hair streaks yourself at home.

Ask your hairdresser for advice on designing home tracks.

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Ask a familiar hairdresser for advice

A regular hairdresser will definitely be happy to help you design your home tracks if next time you plan to go to a familiar professional again. The hairdresser can advise you on which parts of your hair should be striped and how best to apply the color to your hair quality.

Rely on ready-made color packages

Any kind of self-dosing and measuring of bleaching powders should be left popular with hairdressing visits. In ready-made bleach dyes sold in stores, the relationships have been carefully thought out already, thus minimizing the failure rate.

It is important to position in place when starting staining.

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Equip yourself with double wolves

To make the stripes look as natural as possible, you should always have two different tools on hand when dyeing. One wolf spreads the color itself and the other blurs the boundaries of the stripes. Stripe color packs usually come with an application brush, the sharply colored sections of which are easy to separate and lift for coloring.

Another essential tool is a thoroughly washed, old mascara, angle or toothbrush. With dense bristles, the boundaries of the stripes are faded so that they blend smoothly with the rest of the hair.

Start making tracks with the spreading wolf and erase the boundaries of the track as the job progresses with a mini brush from the beginning of each track.

The right kind of products are important in coloring, as in hair styling and care anyway.

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Put your hair in place

Brush your hair before applying the color, just to the point where you usually keep your hair. Also, let your hair have its own characteristic texture, i.e. if you keep your hair on a natural curl, don’t straighten it before striping either.

Make streaks with moderation

For yourself, it’s pretty hard, if not impossible, to make perfectly successful streaks to the occiput. When only your own pair of hands are involved in the dyeing, it is worthwhile to focus on the face environment in favor of making stripes.

Put a timer on your cell phone so that the color affects your hair at just the right time.

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Make sure the color sinks into the hair

In order to make the stripes even, you can apply the color to the areas to be striped with plenty of hands. After applying with Sudid, it is still worth rubbing the stripes lightly with a hand covered with a rubber glove so that the color is properly absorbed into the hair. Put a timer on your cell phone so that the color works in your hair for the right amount of time and you don't accidentally go overboard!

Remember the tone

Bleached hair folds almost invariably warm. Therefore, when the hair is bleached by a hairdresser, a professional will usually put a shade on top of the blonde to fold the hair out of the hair. To make the self-made stripes as glowing as possible, you should also remember the tone at home. Silver and purple folding silver care products and masks after washing ensure that the stripes become cool pale.

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