China News Service, Shenzhen, August 9th (Reporter Chen Wen) On August 9, Shenzhen Airlines Airbus 330 aircraft carried out ZH9209 (Shenzhen-Xi'an) flight. The aircraft took off from Shenzhen at 07:32 and rose 9200 meters in the Guangzhou control zone. When there was an abnormal pressurization instruction, the crew handled the procedure according to the procedure, descended to a safe altitude, returned to Shenzhen, and landed at Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport at 09:13. The man and machine were safe.

  At 12:00, Shenzhen Airlines flight ZH9209 changed its number to B-1036 Airbus A330 to continue its mission and is expected to arrive in Xi'an at 14:15. (Finish)