Russian fighters intercepted U.S. reconnaissance planes over the Black Sea

  Xinhua News Agency, Moscow, August 9th (Reporter Leo) The National Defense Management Center of the Russian Ministry of Defense issued a statement on the 9th that a Su-27 fighter in the Southern Russian Military Region intercepted a US military EP-3E "Aries" over the Black Sea on the same day. reconnaissance aircraft.

  The statement said that on the 9th, the Russian side found an aerial target close to the Russian border over the neutral waters of the Black Sea, and the southern Russian military region dispatched a Su-27 fighter jet to intercept the target. After the Russian fighter approached the target, it was confirmed to be the US EP-3E "Aries" electronic reconnaissance aircraft. The US reconnaissance plane did not violate Russian airspace.

  The statement said that after the US reconnaissance plane flew away from the Russian border, the Russian fighter plane returned to the base. Russian fighter jets always abide by international airspace rules during the flight.

  NATO aircraft headed by the United States often arrive near the Russian border for reconnaissance activities, and Russia has always firmly opposed this.