(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) One new confirmed case in Zhejiang is a 7-year-old boy imported from Indonesia

  China News Service, Hangzhou, August 9th (Reporter Zhang Yuhuan) The reporter learned from the Zhejiang Provincial Health Commission that at 0-24 o'clock on August 8th, there was 1 new confirmed case imported from Zhejiang Province (imported from Indonesia), and close contact has been investigated All have implemented centralized isolation.

  According to a report from the Hangzhou Municipal Health Commission, the newly imported confirmed case is a male, 7 years old, of Fujian nationality. On August 5th, he took flight SJ3184 from Jakarta, Indonesia and arrived at Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport at 17:00. After quarantine and sampling by the airport customs Controlled transport throughout the entire process to a centralized isolation and settlement site for immigrants for medical observation. In the afternoon of August 7th, he was sent to a doctor for fever and cough and sampled for testing. In the early morning of August 8th, the Hangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that the nucleic acid of the new crown pneumonia virus was positive. Based on the epidemiological history, clinical symptoms and laboratory test results, the diagnosis was an imported case of new coronary pneumonia. At present, the case is being treated in isolation at a designated hospital, and close contacts have been under isolation medical observation.

  Since August, Zhejiang has newly confirmed 2 cases, imported from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Indonesia; 2 new cases of asymptomatic infection, imported from Xinjiang and Malaysia. As of 24:00 on August 8, Zhejiang Province had reported a total of 1,272 confirmed cases (53 imported cases). (Finish)