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The Spurs retain the hope of being able to play a qualifying jump-off for the first round of the play-offs after their victory (122-113) over the Pelicans of the rookie-phenomenon Zion Williamson, eliminated from the race on Sunday in the NBA.

. Spurs spur Pelicans

Victorious over New Orleans in a match not to lose, the team of Gregg Popovich (10th) retains the hope of playing the play-offs for the 23rd season in a row.

There is certainly still a long way to go and also depends on the results of its two competitors, Portland (9th), who will later play against Philadelphia, and Phoenix (11th), but it has already disqualified the Pelicans ( 12th).

DeMar DeRozan put the neck of the collar necessary in the 4th quarter (15 of his 27 points) to contain the attempt to rise to the score of Pelicans who were 17 lengths behind at the break.

Zion Williamson did what he could and rather very well (25 pts, 7 rebounds in 26 minutes), in the wake of JJ Redick extremely skilful at long distance (8/12, 31 pts), but in vain.

. 50th victory for the Raptors

The logic was respected between Toronto and Memphis, the reigning champion having imposed himself (108-99) to record his status of seed N.2 in the East. The Grizzlies remain 8th in the West and therefore play-offs requiring only one victory against the 9th, to be determined, to validate his ticket for the play-offs.

Pascal Siakam (26 pts), helped by Kyle Lowry (15 pts, 8 assists, 7 rebds), was the great architect of the 50 success of the Raptors season, which was assured at the end of the 3rd quarter (88- 71).

. OKC repeats its scales

The Thunder, without Steven Adams (leg), easily disposed of Washington (121-103) already eliminated from the race for the play-offs. A success that allows the Thunder to approach Houston (4th), his likely rival in the first round of the play-offs, who must play against Sacramento in the evening.

The opportunity for rookie Darius Bazley to achieve his personal best points (23) off the bench, contributing (5/8) to the good long-distance skill of his team (46%).

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