Raimo Sarajärvi, the owner of the Veikkausliiga team's Seinäjoki Football Club, has bought the rental rights to Helsinki's Uunisaari. Helsinki News was the first to report on the transaction.

- It is clearly an important place for Helsinki residents. The basis of everything is that the island is kept open to the people of Helsinki, Sarajärvi comments on his development plans to Helsingin Sanomat.

Uunisaari is located in southern Helsinki, at the Parade Ground on the shores of Kaivopuisto. The island is a protected area and a favorite recreation place for the townspeople, with a beach, for example.

Swimming in Uunisaari is possible in summer and winter.

Photo: Terhi Ylimäinen

The island is owned by the city of Helsinki. The lease rights, which have 25 years left, were transferred to Sarajärvi and partners from Nelly Kärkkäinen, who is known, for example, as the Ninni Luotola in the Kotikatu series. Kärkkäinen and her husband Tuukka Mönttinen owned the island's restaurant and sauna buildings, which also changed owners in the store. In addition, the plot has building rights.

The building of Restaurant Uunisaari was transferred to Raimo Sarajärvi and partners in the store.

Photo: Terhi Ylimäinen

In addition to Sarajärvi, the buyers were the Jaakko Keskinen family and Jarmo Rinta-Jouppi. Kärkkäinen's Price Request was previously 1.8 million.

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Sarajärvi told HS that the purchase price will be kept secret.

- My husband Tuuka and I got what we wanted. Now I’m not talking about money but about bigger things. It is still everyone's island and they (the new owners) are lucky and part of Uunisaari's story, Kärkkäinen, who has lived on the island for twenty years, told Helsinki News.

Nelly Kärkkäinen lived upstairs in Restaurant Uunisaari.

Photo: Terhi Ylimäinen

Sarajajärvi is a large investor from Seinäjoki who, in addition to SJK, also owns, for example, the real estate company Kotijoukkonna.