A Canadian newspaper reported that the security authorities in Canada revealed a new attempt to assassinate Saad Al-Jabri, a former advisor to the Saudi crown prince, by Saudi agents, after several failed attempts to eliminate him in the United States.

The "The Globeandmail" newspaper quoted a source who said he was familiar with the matter as saying that the tightening of the guard against the former Saudi intelligence officer Al-Jabri came after the Canadian authorities discovered a new attempt to assassinate him at the hands of agents of the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The newspaper said that, last May, Mohammed bin Salman and his advisors were considering sending Saudi agents by land from the United States to Canada to assassinate Al-Jabri, according to a lawsuit that Al-Jabri recently filed in Washington against Prince Muhammad bin Salman.

Al-Jazeera correspondent in Canada Muhammad Nasr said that many Canadian media outlets began talking about a new assassination attempt, which is considered the second in Canada, noting that the media are talking about Muhammad bin Salman sending agents to Canada. His safety and personal life.

The correspondent pointed out that Canadian newspapers have warned the authorities to take this second attempt seriously, especially as it is considered an infringement of Canadian national security, indicating that the authorities succeeded in thwarting the first attempt when they prevented the entry of the perpetrators through Toronto airport in Canada.

Al-Jazeera Net had obtained the documents of a lawsuit filed by Al-Jabri in Washington against Mohammed bin Salman, accusing him of sending a team to assassinate him in America and Canada in pursuit of important recordings.

The invitation accuses the Saudi Crown Prince of forming a team to arrange the killing of Al-Jabri from 3 people, namely Badr Al-Asaker, Saud Al-Qahtani and Ahmed Al-Asiri, all of whom are among his top aides.

The invitation confirms that bin Salman sent a team to assassinate Al-Jabri during his stay in Boston in 2017, and that he tried for months to deploy secret agents in the United States in an attempt to track down the whereabouts of the former officer.

After those efforts failed, the Saudi crown prince sent another team to assassinate Al-Jabri in Canada, two weeks after the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October 2, 2018.

The lawsuit included the text of a letter from the Saudi Crown Prince requesting that al-Jabri return within 24 hours or he would be killed.

Questioning children's lives

On the other hand, Khaled al-Jabri, son of the former Saudi intelligence official, confirmed that he had not received any news about his two brothers, Omar and Sara, since they were detained in Saudi Arabia about 5 months ago.

Al-Jabri said in a statement to "BuzzFeed News" that he had really reached the main question at this stage; Are they alive?

He pointed out that he had received a call, via the "FaceTime" program, from his sister before her disappearance, and said that she was at the airport crying after officers told her that she could not travel without understanding the reason.

Khaled Al-Jabri added that his sister was excited and looking forward to life in Boston after obtaining a visa to continue her studies in the United States.

He also said that at the heart of this story there are innocent people who have nothing to do with any political conspiracy or any state secrets, and that he hopes his brothers will return to their family.