Forced robbery victim gets acquainted with a thief in Dubai despite 'Corona muzzle'

An Asian investor was able to identify an African man who assaulted him with another in a parking lot and robbed him under duress even though the accused was wearing a muzzle on his face under the usual measures to prevent the Corona virus, after two Dubai police policemen managed to arrest him after being suspected through his clothes Which he was wearing when he stole with the last amount of 45 thousand dirhams under duress from the victim.

The victim said during the investigations of the Public Prosecution that he was walking towards his car and his pocket appeared swollen because he was carrying an amount of 45,000 dirhams, and when he approached his vehicle, he was surprised by someone approaching him and kicking him in the right leg several times, then he ran from the scene.

He added that he put his hand on his pocket and discovered the disappearance of the amount, which prompted him to run behind the accused until the corner, but the latter disappeared, so he saw a police patrol and informed its members about the incident, and after about a week he was summoned by Dubai Police to identify one of the accused.

For his part, a Dubai police witness said that upon receiving the report, the criminal method used in that incident was compared with a similar method used in another crime that occurred on the opposite street, so he moved there and discovered the presence of surveillance cameras that documented the other crime committed by two people, one of whom kicked the victim On him, while the other neglected him and took the money out of his pocket, and one of them was identified and found to be one of the precedents, but he was not found.

The witness added that the work team focused on the other accused, distributing a bulletin with his descriptions on the sources as well as the clothes he wore in the two incidents, pointing out that he was on a regular security tour with his colleague and suspected a person walking in the manner of the accused, and wearing the same clothes, he was surrounded and arrested, and transferred to the center Nayef police and summoned the victim in the last incident, so the latter recognized the accused three times, despite the fact that the thief wore a muzzle during the commission of the crime, given that he remained perched on him for a longer period and their eyes met and was able to save the upper part of his face that the muzzle did not hide, indicating that a picture was found. To the other accused with his arrested colleague who confessed to the crime, one of them was transferred in presence and the other in absentia to the Public Prosecution and from there to the Criminal Court in Dubai.

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