Awak Kuier, who headed for Italy's main series, scored 30 points when Finland defeated Latvia for a repeat in two days in the women's basketball match. On Sunday, Finland softened the home team in Riga by eight points with the numbers 74–66, while on Saturday Finland's superiority was recorded with five points.

In the second match, Finland had the same effects as the day before. Kuieria was most effectively accompanied by Janette Aarnio, who scored 14 points, and Lotta-Maj Lahtinen, who bagged 11 points. The trio represents the future of Susiladies, as Aarnio is only 17 years old, Kuier is 18 years old and Lahtinen is 20 years old.

Latvia led Sunday's match with a break of 35-34, even though Finland was in the lead in the second quarter. After the third quarter, Finland led 59-55, and Latvia was no longer able to catch up.