In Stockholm, there were problems for the voters who went to the Belarusian embassy in Nacka outside Stockholm. There were outraged feelings when they limited the number of people who were admitted to the polling station and everyone thus would not have time to cast their vote in time, before the polling stations closed at 6 pm Swedish time

- People are angry. We would very much like to vote. This is very important, it is time to change power, says one of the queuing Alexander Mazurkin.

There were long queues outside the polling stations even in the Belarusian capital Minsk a few hours before they closed, after opposition candidate Svetlana Tichanovskaya urged her supporters to vote late in an attempt to prevent electoral fraud. Election Commission Chair Lidia Jermoshina described the queues as "a real sabotage, an organized provocation".

According to international observers, free and fair elections have not been held in Belarus for decades.

See more from the embassy in Stockholm in the clip above