• Afghanistan: attack in Jalalabad prison. At least 30 dead
  • Afghanistan: teenager shoots the Taliban who killed her parents


09 August 20209 police officers killed and 16 people injured. It is the toll of a suicide attack this morning in Afghanistan. A car bomb was launched at full speed at a security force station in the central province of Ghazni. The news comes from police and hospital sources.

The attack, a spokesman for the interior ministry said, took place in the Kotal area. According to sources, the attackers, who were trying to enter the police station, were killed. At the moment, no armed group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The liberation of 400 Taliban
And today's decision by the Afghan "great assembly" to free 400 Taliban prisoners.
A confrontation that lasted three days to "remove obstacles to the start of peace negotiations, stop the bloodshed and for the good of citizens".