Canadian defender Adam Comrie, who has played for the previous two seasons on the Austrian Klagenfurter AC hockey team, died in a motorcycle accident on Friday. Comrie was 30 years old.

Klagenfurter AC, who plays in the EBEL league at the highest league level in Austria, reported the grief on its website.

According to the press release, Comrie died in the accident while visiting her mother in Virginia, USA. Comriella had both Canadian and U.S. citizenship.

The head coach of Klagenfurter AC is Petri Matikainen. The Finnish coach is said to have conveyed grief news to the team. Comrien was not scheduled to continue on the team for the coming season but was told he was looking for a new club.

Comrie started for the Austrian team in the 2018–2019 season. Before that, he played in the AHL, among other places. The Canadian was the Florida Panthers ’third-round NHL booking at the 2008 booking ceremony. At Klagenfurter AC, he won the EBEL League Championship right in his first season.

According to the press release, the Klagenfurter AC club is in shock from Comrie's death.

- We lost an open-hearted and humorous teammate who got a smile on the lips of others countless times over the past two years and who was always a good friend and teammate, the press release wrote with condolences.

- Rest in peace, master, the grief news ended.